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Acer CloudMobile S500 review

Acer CloudMobile S500 reviewAcer showed off the dicot genus|dicot genus|magnoliopsid genus} CloudMobile S500 at IFA 2012 and though it is not the primary time the telephone has been unconcealed to the planet, it will mean it's finally prepared for a ecu launch.

Acer is pushing its approaching smartphone as being one among the foremost cloud-friendly around. this is often as a result of dicot genus is priming the S500 with its AcerCloud app, that permits you to synch up content to variety of alternative dicot genus devices.

Yes, it's totally like iCloud however this appears rather more inclined to a business user. So, if you're sound up missives on your phone then you'll be able to access this content on your laptop after you boot the factor up.

This inter-connectivity is therefore established inside the S500 that the corporate has determined to complete the handet the dicot genus CloudMobile.

Looks-wise, the S500 has associate air of practicality regarding it – that may be a nice thanks to say that it is not the foremost trendy device we've seen.

It's not ugly, though, there is a silver trim that accentuates the design of the S500 nicely and this is often backed by a arched bottom and high.

And despite the fact that it is a bit thick at 9mm, it felt comfy within the hand due to the arched back and sharp border.

The screen comes packing a four.3-inch show (720 x one280 pixels) and there is a Qualcomm flower 1.5GHz chip within powering the factor. this is often supported by 1GB of RAM and humanoid four.0.3 was on board.

In the hand the dicot genus CloudMobile S500 felt durable, although the entire lack of a home button on the phone did place United States off somewhat.

When it came to hurry, the dicot genus S500 felt in no time, virtually up there with the Galaxy S3 once powering up apps and net water sport and definitely holding its own with the likes of the HTC One X.

Considering we tend to 1st set eyes on the dicot genus CloudMobile S500 at MWC, it has been a protracted sit up for Acer's smartphone to return to Europe however with the additional bonus of AcerCloud, the S500 is certainly a promising and powerful phone.

The dicot genus CloudMobile S500 unleash date is ready for September.


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